Please utilize this online resources to submit your issue to the proper department.  Make sure to use the correct resource, otherwise your issue may not get resolved in a timely manner.


GoLongBeachIcon The GO Long Beach app provides Long Beach residents, access to services 24-hours a day. Issues resolved through Go Long Beach are largely problems in the public right-of-way. You can quickly submit service requests for the following:

  • Animal Defecation
  • Barking Dogs
  • Curb Repair
  • Dead Animal Pick-Up (in the public right-of-way)
  • Off Leash Dogs
  • Graffiti (not on private property)
  • Illegally Dumped Items
  • Illegal Newsracks
  • Broken Park Fountain
  • Potholes
  • Broken Park Sprinkler
  • Shoes on Utility Wires
  • Sidewalk Damage
  • Broken Street Lights
  • Damaged Street Signs
  • Street Tree Trimming
  • Broken Traffic Signal

You can use Go Long Beach online. Or, you can download the app to your smartphone and use the app anywhere. The mobile app allows you to select an issue, take a picture, and tap submit – the App knows the exact location and sends the issue directly to city staff.

You can track the status of your requests through your mobile device or using the online portal.

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement issues generally revolve around problems on private property or illegal activities. Code Enforcement cases can be tracked, keeping you updated as to the status, or submitted anonymously:

  • Boats, vehicles, trailers, or campers illegally parked
  • Inoperative vehicles stored on residential property
  • Overgrown weeds, trash, or debris in yard areas
  • Dumped Items visible from the street or alley
  • Trash cans visible from the street (cans must be put away after pickup)
  • Overflowing trash containers or dumpsters
  • Garages not accessible for parking
  • Garages converted to dwelling use without permits
  • Illegal/unpermitted dwelling units
  • Room additions constructed without permits
  • Rundown buildings
  • Walls or fences that are deteriorated
  • Free standing canopies
  • Unpermitted or illegal signs (including banners and pennants)
  • Illegal Auto Repair Business
  • and much more…


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Water Wasters

Water is a precious resource as the current drought continues to worsen. The Long Beach Water Department allows you to report water wasters using either an online submission or by using their smartphone app.Currently, residents and businesses are allowed to water on Monday, Thursday or Saturday, before 9 AM or after 4 PM. They can water for 10 minutes per station, or 20 if using water efficient nozzles. There shouldn’t be any significant runoff. If washing an outdoor area, your hose must have a water-conserving pressurized cleaning device (simple spray nozzles do not qualify). If washing a vehicle, the hose must have a water shut-off nozzle. Broken sprinkler lines and heads must be replaced immediately. Residents can fill up residential swimming pools.

Report Water Wasters Online


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Stacy Mungo
5th District

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