• Joe Luyben Endorses Stacy Mungo

    “I’ve lived in Long Beach for more than 50 years, and this community is very important to me. Although I am no longer the candidate for my neighbors, Stacy Mungo shares my love and connection to this community. I am asking my supporters to support Stacy because she shares my vision for our neighborhood.”

    –Joe Luyben



    Joe Luyben Endorses Stacy Mungo

  • Strictly Business: Chamber PAC Endorsed Candidates for April 8 Primary Election

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    March 31, 2014        

    Chamber PAC Endorsed Candidates for April 8 Primary Election   




    Once again its election season in Long Beach. Mail pieces fill mailboxes across the city. Campaign signs dot the community. Candidate forums meet and greets and coffee talks take place as each candidate tries in earnest to get their message out to each Long Beach voter.


    The Chamber's PAC has also been active. Since first entering the endorsement process last June, we have endorsed 6 candidates running for a variety of offices. In fact, it's the first time in the history of our PAC that we have endorsed in all 4 city-wide races (Mayor, City Attorney, City Prosecutor, and City Auditor). We have also endorsed 2 very dynamic individuals in the 3rd and 5th District Council races. Our PAC has continued to inform and recommend its choices to both the business community and Long Beach voters through multiple outlets; including print and digital media.


    We believe the April 8 election is not just another election in Long Beach, but a historic election – where many of the newly elected individuals will have some major decisions for the future of Long Beach that will ultimately have a rippling effect for years. This is a first of two special strictly business articles that we hope will help you become better informed about the candidates that the Chamber PAC has endorsed. Below you will find a statement from each Chamber PAC endorsed candidate and what that endorsement means to each candidate.


    We have included each candidate's campaign website so you can find information on their campaign, platform and goals for Long Beach.


    Damon Dunn
    Small Business Owner

    "I am honored to earn the endorsement of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.  Our campaign started early because I am committed to walking to the doors of thousands of Long Beach residents to learn their concerns, hopes, desires and dreams for their families.  My campaign will be about building a better Long Beach with real opportunity for people to stay here, learn here, work here and play here – in safe, beautiful neighborhoods.  And I want to make city hall transparent so voters will better understand the city's priorities, spending and results," explained Damon Dunn.

    For more information log onto: www.damondunn.com.


    City Attorney
    Charles Parkin
    Appointed City Attorney

    "I am pleased and honored to have the endorsement of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.  I fully support the Chamber's efforts to advance the economic growth of the City by strengthening and promoting the interests of the local and regional business community.  The Chamber is a vital partner in the continued growth, prosperity and vibrancy of the City and I thank them for their support," stated Charles Parkin.

    For more information log onto: www.parkincityattorney.com


    City Prosecutor
    Doug Haubert
    Long Beach City Prosecutor


    "I am grateful for the early endorsement of Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC.  I'm proud to have the support of prosecutors, neighborhood leaders, and local business owners.  Working together we can make our city safer, and an even better place to live, work, and raise a family," stated Doug Haubert.
    For more information log onto: www.doughaubert.com


    City Auditor
    Laura Doud
    Long Beach City Auditor

    "While I do not have an opponent in this election, I am very pleased and appreciative to have the endorsement of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC. The Chamber works diligently representing many businesses to ensure they can be successful in Long Beach and provide jobs for our residents," stated Laura Doud, Long Beach City Auditor.


    Council District 3
    Suzie Price
    Deputy District Attorney

    "I am very honored to receive the endorsement of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC.  Economic development, job creation and fiscal responsibility will be among my top priorities as the 3rd District City Council member. I am committed to working closely with businesses to create jobs and encourage forward-thinking economic growth. I will ensure that business has a voice at City Hall, by reducing City roadblocks to business establishment and growth," stated Suzie Price, candidate for Long Beach City Council, 3rd District.

    For more information log onto: www.suziepriceforcitycouncil.com


    Council District 5
    Stacy Mungo
    Budget Director

    "I'm honored to be recognized as the candidate ready to help Long Beach reach its full economic potential. I'm grateful for the overwhelming support I am receiving from the business community. Our city is fortunate to have so many invested business owners from a diverse set of industries. I'm enjoying meeting with industry experts and hearing their perspectives. We have built a strong base, now it's time for Long Beach take the steps necessary to become the economic driver of new jobs for the region. I'm excited to partner with the Chamber on an economic development plan that will improve the business climate and attract new industry while ensuring we improve the quality of life for residents," stated Stacy Mungo, candidate for Long Beach City Council, 5th District.
    For more information or to help Stacy Mungo's campaign, visit www.stacymungo.com


    …and that's Strictly Business.  


    Randy Gordon

    President and CEO

    Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce


    About the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC
    The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for funding candidates and issues that seek to improve the economic vitality of the Long Beach business community.  The PAC also recruits and trains potential candidates for office. All funding is raised separately from Long Beach Chamber membership dues.  The PAC uses its direct contributions from donors to help fund candidate and issue campaigns. 

  • Letters: Residents add their voices on elections



    Long Beach has grown over the past few decades into one of California's most important and vibrant residential, business and trade hubs. With the departure of Councilwoman Gerry Schipske from the 5th Council District, we have an important choice to make in our upcoming city council election.

    One council candidate truly stands out as possessing the combined experience and passion to help lead our city and the council in the right direction – Stacy Mungo.

    Stacy is a Long Beach native with deep roots in the 5th district. She attended LBUSD and Long Beach City College. She earned a master's degree in public administration from USC. Stacy has worked with distinction in local as well as state government while serving our community via the YMCA of Greater Long Beach. Stacy was president of the El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Association for three years.

    She is currently an administrator for the County of Los Angeles, working to help our seniors and grow the local workforce while overseeing a $180 million budget. She effectively oversees major local government operations and responsibly manages taxpayer dollars. Her philosophy is simple – you can't spend more than you take in and we should always be saving for a rainy day. That's a lesson for every level of government.

    Susan Blair

    Long Beach

    For the original Long Beach Register article click here.

  • Elm Street Band Supports Stacy With GOTV Concert

    Come show your support and help us GET OUT THE VOTE!

    Join us for an evening of fun with music provided by 


    WHEN: Sunday, March 30, 2014 from 4-6pm

    WHERE: Tracy's Bar and Grill, 5511 E. Spring Street, Long Beach 90808

    RSVP by emailing rsvp4Mungo@gmail.com or calling 562-508-2756.


  • LB Chamber PAC Sends Out Its Endorsement List

  • BizFed PAC Supports Stacy Mungo’s Economic Vision

    "It's our honor to support Stacy and her smart agenda for economic vitality in the city. Cheers for success in election day!" – Tracy Rafter, CEO of BizFed PAC.

    BizFed PAC is a jobs-driven political action committee comprised of many LA BizFed member business PACs and local companies. As a nonprofit, grassroots coalition of more than 170 broadly diverse and dynamic trade groups, associations, chambers of commerce, business improvement districts, and national and regional corporations and institutions from all of Los Angeles County, their endorsement cements Stacy Mungo as the clear choice to help make the 5th District more business-friendly. 

  • Former Long Beach Councilmember Jerry L. Shultz Endorses Stacy Mungo

    The Stacy Mungo for City Council campaign is proud to have the support of former 9th District City Councilmember Jerry L. Shultz. With eight years of experience representing the residents of the 9th District, Jerry L. Shultz knows what it takes to be an effective city councilmember and his endorsement of Stacy Mungo means he knows she is the best candidate to represent the people of the 5th District.  


  • Harbor Trucking Association Endorses Stacy Mungo for City Council


    The Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) is a coalition of intermodal carriers in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The association represents 60% of all the drayage trucking companies servicing these two port complexes. After an extensive interview and endorsement process, The HTA is announcing their formal endorsement of Stacy Mungo for Long Beach City Council.

    Stacy Mungo displayed her knowledge of the ports, our industry, and city government. She displayed a great vision for Long Beach, and conveyed an understanding that the best way to enhance Long Beach is through a competitive trade and transportation industry. For these reasons, and many more we feel she will represent the best interests of her constituents, the business community, and the city as a whole. 

  • Press-Telegram: Four vie for open seat in Long Beach’s 5th District

    By Eric Bradley, POSTED: 

    …32-year-old Stacy Mungo, brings her own big-name endorsements. Early on, she captured the support of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, and she’s also backed by Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe and Councilman Gary DeLong.

    Records show that Mungo collected the second-most campaign cash by the end of the year, with $45,182 raised.

    How has the Long Beach native, who has lived in the 5th district since 2008, done it all with little political experience?

    Mungo, who deals primarily with workforce development and senior services in her county job, said she did a lot of footwork talking to businesses in Long Beach and adjacent cities to understand the issues, and has worked with Knabe on the board of the YMCA. She also served as the president of the El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Association from 2010 to 2013.

    “I have relationships from the good we’ve already done in the communities,” Mungo said.

    Her top priority is growing businesses, and in lieu of immediately restarting the Long Beach economic development office, one of her goals, Mungo pledged to commit her office’s resources to support businesses considering locating in the 5th.

    “We need to make sure people have an understanding of how long the different processes should take and ensure the expectations on the delivery of permits are clear,” Mungo said.

    Excerpt taken from article found here.

  • Stacy Mungo Featured in Long Beach Chamber PAC Newsletter

    "The Chamber PAC has endorsed Stacy Mungo. We believe that Stacy understands the critical role of the business community and how important it is for our city to be business-friendly. She has the vision, experience and passion for collaboration that is needed [to] be a great councilmember." – Randy Gordon, President & CEO LB Chamber PAC.

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