Press Telegram – A Response to letter “Rating Council Members” 7/2/17

Responding to letter writer, regarding comment about rating council members and asking what Long Beach Councilwoman Stacy Mungo has done. I offer the following of what she has done for me and others, whom I have had conversations with in the 5th district.
1. Offering “In the Park” opportunities (she has a more creative title for this) to hear and ask questions of our county, state and federal legislators. It is a gathering of many people, but small enough to interact with those who are leading us.
2. Communication between her and us is OUTSTANDING. We in the district apparently take many concerns to her. She offers “For the Record” as a way of communicating detailed answers…giving the background to the concern and the plan for the concern. A recent concern were the trees being removed at Heartwell Park. We all learned about the number of trees the park has (and that the city had ability through GPS to “know” these trees), how many are being slated for removal, how that was determined by an arborist, and plan for replacing trees.
3. Tour of Douglas Park and learning about the future there was SUPERB.
4. Attendance at many neighborhood gatherings. In addition to what she has done, she has a passion for the district.

Randa Pearson