On February 23, the City Council approved a series of resolutions (read more here) calling for the placement of a Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax on the ballot of the June 7, 2016 Regular Election. This sales tax measure, subject to approval by a majority vote of the electorate, would last for a period of ten years, initially at an increased rate of one cent (or 1%) for the first six years of the tax, and then declining to one-half cent (or 0.5%) increase for the remaining four years of the tax.

My responsibility to the citizens lies in balancing our City’s infrastructure needs totaling $2.8 billion (review the recent Council presentation here) with the fiscal realities of our existing resources. A vibrant Long Beach is built around safe communities, paved streets, walkable sidewalks and exceptional parks that strengthen neighborhoods and allow them to prosper.

I also believe that taxpayers should have the final say at the ballot box. If the voters approve the measure, then the requirement I introduced for a Citizen Advisory Committee, which would be an oversight board made of fiscally prudent citizens, will review the proposed expenditures of the revenue intended for infrastructure and public safety.

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