On March 24, the Council considered and adopted a resolution amending the Master Fee and Charges Schedule in order to meet the City’s Financial Policy on User Fees and Charges, which requires full cost recovery. In many instances, fees were lowered; in those scenarios where fees were increased, this was done in congruence with state laws and/or mandates that as a Council we do not control.

During this hearing, I made a formal request of staff to look into the parking permit process, analyze the current structure for permits, and determine if additional changes could be made to increase efficiencies within parking districts. For example, a first step would be to decrease the cost of additional parking permits purchased by the same resident in parking impacted communities, and to assess the viability of certain permanent, long-term implementation solutions. This will support communities, including the 4Cs, near LBCC and Lakewood Village. Thank you to all who have worked with me on this as we are making progress!

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