journal-228052_640As many of you already know, I truly believe that when we all work together, lead by example and do our part, amazing things can be accomplished for the betterment of our community. That is why I am pleased to announce that the first Long Beach Volunteer Day will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015!

This extraordinary day of volunteerism will exemplify the power of collective action around giving back and will showcase how we can each make a positive impact in our local neighborhoods. If you are part of a group that already has a project in mind or if you are interested in rallying others to help with a new cause, please contact my office so that we can keep track of all the great work that will be done on April 25th.

I am confident that with all of our passionate and committed family, friends, neighbors and teams of employees, we can make Long Beach Volunteer Day a landmark event! In July, we plan to host a celebration to take a look at what has been achieved during this first year in office and to honor all the contributions made during Long Beach Volunteer Day.

Remember to mark your calendars for April 25th and be sure to email us at or give us a call at 562-570-5555 with your identified projects or for a list of available volunteer opportunities.

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