During this time of year, the Long Beach Police Department encourages residents to use precautionary measures when anticipating delivery of packages to their homes. Suspects have been known to follow delivery trucks or park outside of anticipated delivery locations and have been reported to flee in vehicles and on roller blades and bikes. Thus, LBPD urges residents to practice the following safety tips:

– Ship items to a location where they will be personally received, and/or ask a trusted neighbor to collect and hold the item rather than leaving it in a common area.

– Request carriers to ship items to their local store or distribution center to be held for pick up.

– Advise your local post office when you will be out of town so they can hold your deliveries until your return.

– Track the progress of your anticipated delivery and if you don’t receive it as expected, contact the issuing company, and when possible request proof of delivery.

– Remove valuables and holiday packages from your vehicle, and don’t use it as a storage area.


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