bridge_16Long Beach is home to four freeways, two rivers, canals, and islands/peninsulas.  These all link up via bridges.  Can you guess how many bridges Long Beach has?

We have 72 bridges. One of our critical city infrastructure needs is bridge repair.  On Tuesday we accepted an $8 million agreement with CalTrans where we will invest $800,000 (10% match) to receive a $7.2 million grant from Caltrans to study, analyze, and structurally repair 54 of our 72 bridges.

A BIG Thank You to our Public Works team who worked so diligently to prepare this request and agreement.  Your initiative to apply for this much needed grant should be commended!

We all talk about infrastructure and most of us mean sidewalks and streets, but it doesn’t get any more serious than bridges.

Again, fantastic job Public Works.

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