Current Water Days

My office continues to receive daily calls about the California Drought, and more specifically about the water use prohibitions in place for Long Beach. As a reminder, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners declared a Stage 2 Water Supply Shortage on May 11, 2015. The current watering days are Tuesday and Saturday. For more …

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El Dorado Archery Field

The Archery Fields at El Dorado Park are a wonderful asset to those who come from all over the community to learn about and to practice archery. Earlier this month, forty volunteers from El Dorado Archers, Long Beach Bowhunters, Santa Fe Trails Archers, South Bay Archers, Joy Lee Archery and concerned archers that regularly use …

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Social Media Flyer

State of the Fifth Celebration

Please join me on Saturday, June 27 for my first state of the district address as we celebrate the past year and look forward to a bright future together. State of the Fifth Celebration Saturday, June 27, 2015 6:00 p.m. Live music, festivities and food included! Fireworks to follow starting at 9:15 p.m. Pan American …

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After 19

Fire Station 19 – A Model for the City

Long Beach Fire Department Station 19 located along Clark Avenue is a constant reminder to passersby that mandatory water conservation requirements have become the norm rather than the exception. On May 8, I was joined by Fire Chief DuRee and Councilmember Al Austin as we unveiled the new drought-tolerant landscaping. Check it out!

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parking meter

Smart Parking Meters

More than 1,600 new smart parking meters, which accept credit/debit cards in addition to coins, were replaces throughout the City. The smart meters incorporate sensors that will collect data and will help to determine whether the enforcement hours reflect the actual use of the space, and if a meter’s placement should be reassessed.

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lock car

Keeping Our Families Safe

  It’s that time of year when as the weather changes we tend to leave ourselves open to crimes of opportunity. For us to ensure that criminals do not take advantage of us and to help keep us safe: Always lock your car and keep the windows rolled up. Do not leave valuables, including connector …

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